Important Official Announcement – Corona Virus

The World team championship in Viersen and the Survival of April in Seoul have been canceled.

Viersen , February 27th, 2020.

Important Official Announcement – Corona Virus

Due to the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) concerning the spreading of the Corona virus, German Billiard Federation (DBU), in consultation with the city of Viersen and UMB, decided to cancel the World Championship National Teams 3-Cushion event in Viersen that was scheduled from 5 to 8 March 2020.

This is a precaution matter to protect the health of Players, Organizers and Public.

At the same time, because of the emergency situation of COVID-19 (coronavirus) in South-Korea, we officially announce that the 3-Cushion Survival Masters event that was scheduled in Seoul, 15 to 19 April 2020, for the same reasons has been cancelled.

UMB will, in collaboration with the Organizers, do its best to find suitable dates to replace the eventually cancelled events.

UMB will keep monitoring the recommendations of the WHO concerning the spreading of the Corona virus in relation with future UMB events. We will keep you informed.

UMB – 27-2-2020.



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