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Important Official Announcement .

Sports Calendar Updates 2021.


Important Official Announcement 

Sports Calendar Updates 2021.

In consultation with CEB and TBF, UMB agreed to change the following order of events, taking place in Turkey and currently scheduled in the period from 5 to 17 January 2021, as follows:

6 to 10 January 2021: World Championship 3-Cushion for individuals

11 to 13 January 2021: World Championship 3-Cushion for Ladies

14 to 16 January 2021: World Championship 3-Cushion for Juniors (U22)

The 2021 UMB Sports Calendar has been updated accordingly, including five (5) 3-C Survival Masters and the Continental Cup, showing a total of twenty-one (21) UMB 3-Cushion events and one (1) 5-pins Championship.

Hopefully, the World Health situation in 2021 will allow all these events to take place at the scheduled dates.


UMB – June 14th, 2020.




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