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Billiard material, verification process .


 Lausanne July 29th 2020


UMB received several requests for material verification process submitted by the related product manufacturers. It concerns the verification process of the technical specifications of the product as a neutral information to the manufacturers, based on biometric tests.


This process was conducted by the IBV laboratory ,"Instituto de Biomecanica de Valencia" , Spain. The related  manufacturers received a technical report from IBV concerning the results of the verification process of the submitted product.


This verifications process was strictly conducted with the objective of participation to UMB future invitation to tender. Accordingly, the related manufacturers have been previously informed.


This verification process does not give the right to be used for product publicity nor is the manufacturer allowed to use the UMB logo or any reference to UMB approval of the related product. Which is not the case.


Legal steps may be taken against the misuse of the UMB logo or reference to UMB approval for unauthorized product publicity. UMB will strictly follow the necessary legal steps for stopping any unauthorized product publicity.


Any publicity used in this regard should be withdrawn immediately with formal notification to the UMB.


UMB, July 29th, 2020.




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