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Five Pins seeks to take its place with new projects and updating its structures

The UMB updates its five-pin commission and trusts that the situation created by COVID 19 will improve and the competitions scheduled for 2021 can be developed at the Continental and International level.

Lausanne, September 7th ,2020


The UMB board established in December 2017 a Technical Commission for the development of the five pins. As a result of that initiative, the organization of championships, including the national team championship, has become a stable yearly entry into the UMB calendar.


Now Italy is the current National Team 5-pins World Champion that beat Uruguay in the final round. The event was played in Lugano, Switzerland.


Ciro Davide Rizzo, from Italy, is the Current 5-pins individual World Champion. He won the title in Pistoia, Italy, beating his countryman Santi Caratozzolo.

,Paolo Marcolín and Paolo Spadoro,  also from Italy, received the Bronze Medal.


The next UMB 5-pins  event, the World Championship for Individuals,  is scheduled for 15 to 19 September 2021, to take place in Calangianus, Sassari, Italy.  In the course of 2021, the Continental 5-pins Championships will be competed for National teams as well as for Individuals.



We hope that the current dramatic sportive situation, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, will soon recover, enabling the development of the scheduled projects.


After three years, the commission has been renewed, in its new configuration of five members, the Vice-president of the UMB Fernando Requena will continue as president, the secretariat will be carried out by Francky Deconinck from the Belgian federation, Gabrio Volante and Gustavo Torregiani, current heads of the commissions of the CEB and CPB together with Orazio Aime president of five pins division of the Swiss federation.


The board of the UMB trusts that a new impulse will contribute to place the five fins in an increasingly better position, already very close to reaching a development in 16 countries of Europe and America.


We wish the members of this commission success in the performance of its tasks.





(c) 2020 Union Mondiale de Billard