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World Cup Sharm El Sheikh 2020 cancelled,


UMB, Lausanne ,  September 13th, 2020.


Dear Billiards friends,


Since the Worldwide COVID-19 lockdown, UMB was recently offered the opportunity to organize the remaining 2020 Sharm El Sheikh World Cup, scheduled from 6th to 12th December, 2020, with the regular implications for the World Ranking.


For the first time since the worldwide lockdown period, a UMB Federation is willing to organize an International event, in accordance with the health measures and safety regulations recommended by the WHO.


Upon receiving the request from the Egyptian Federation, UMB contacted the CEB and the Turkish Federation, organizers of the World Championships for Ladies and Individuals, both planed for January 2021, for combining the 2 events with the World Cup in Sharm El Sheikh.


In view of the cooperation between UMB and the Turkisch Federation, especially in this difficult Covid-19 period, and with the future of billiards in mind, the 2 World Championships could be played in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, in the period between 13th and 20th of December 2020, directly after the World Cup.


UMB was extensively informed by the Egyptian Federation about the severe health measures and protocols applied by both the Egyptian Government and the Hyatt Regency Hotel Resorts, respectively described in the below website links.


After consultation with the Players Representatives and considering the travelling risks from the respective Player Countries, UMB, however, decided to cancel the World Cup of Sharm El Sheikh, scheduled to take place from 6th to 12th of December 2020.


The World Championships, for Ladies and Individuals will remain as published on the UMB calendar.


Meanwhile, UMB will remain in search for opportunities to organize International events, that have no effect on the Players World Ranking.


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