African Carom Federation Born
During the last UMB General Assembly in December 2012 in Valencia (Spain), the Egyptian delegate Mr. Al Sharif Al Hussein had already proposed to take the initiative for creating an African Confederation in the upcoming period. This proposal has then been supported unanimously by all present Confederations and Federations.
Under the auspices of the EFBS (Egyptian Federation of Billiard Sports) last Sunday, March 25th, a founding meeting in Cairo has been organized in the presence of UMB President Jean-Claude Dupont and the Egyptian EFBS President and African Billiard Snooker Federation, President Mohammed Kammah.

No fewer than eight recognized national federations were represented at this meeting, on behalf of Egypt, Libya, Congo, Sudan, Algeria, Morocco, Cameroon and South Africa.

The delegates agreed on the founding of a confederation under the name of “African Carom Federation”, creating a Board composed by one representative of each federation and unanimously elected Mr. El Sharif Al Hussein as the first President of the Confederation.

Mr. Mustafa Elhuny (Libya) and Paul Bileng Miaka (Congo) will be its Vice-Presidents, Mohammed Elmotaz (Sudan) the Secretary-General , Rachid Afoun (Algeria) the Treasurer and Rachid Fahim (Morocco), Mveng Evina (Cameroon) and Sath Reddy (South Africa) board members.

 A constitution has been adopted with the exception of a few amendments that have been introduced. The meeting has decided to ratify these amendments on April 30th 2013 at the latest.

It has also been decided to organize the first African continental championship still this year. Most probably, this championship will be linked to the organization of the upcoming World Cup of Egypt during the month of December 2013.

 All federations present have expressed their eagerness to develop the Carom sport in their countries but also their hopes to be supported by many other federations and confederations in this difficult task.

By founding this fourth Confederation, UMB will strengthen its position in the international world of sports.


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