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Frederic Caudron was proclaimed World Champion in Antwerp after winning from Filipos Kasidokostas by 40-25 in 22 innings. Alexander Salazar (Colombia) played brilliantly and together with Dick Jaspers won the bronze medal. Both played respectively with the champion and the runner-up.

At the splendid scene prepared for the occasion by Ludo Dielis and his team in the Lotto Arena venue, an ovation was staged for its idol, who closed the World Championship with a general mean of 1,951 and a series of more than 17 points after eliminating Sanchez, Horn and Salazar. Filipos wins the silver medal, for the third time  and the gold medal in Laussane, after eliminating Jaspers, Polychronopoulos and Heo in direct KO matches.

The audience came out massively from all over Europe to Antwerp and occupied the 1,500 seats to enjoy the evolution of the players and Antwerp‘s hospitality.

The next three-cushion billiards event will be held in the Americas, more specifically in the city of Medellin, Colombia, where from November 3 through 9, a new round of the World Cup will be played, which you can follow at the Kozoom Corp web site.

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