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First World Cup of 2020: Antalya – Turkey

Antalya will be followed by World Cups in Ho Chi Minh City, Porto, Guri, Veghel, Cheongju and Sharm El Sheikh.

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Spain takes the title in the Scotch double
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Therese Klompenhouwer wins the gold medal
the Dutchwoman won the final against her compatriot Karina Jetten with 30:20 after 21 innings.
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World Cup season kicks off in Antalya.
The 2020 Antalya tournament (17 – 23 February) will be the 23d World Cup in Turkey.
Continental Cup 2019-1202 winner
Asia win big, and Europe licks its wounds.
The eight players from Asia defeated their eight European opponents by an enormous margin: 600 – 451
New UMB 3-Cushion Events Rules Changes!
The UMB Board during its meeting last week in Sharm El Sheikh, decided to make changes for UMB 3-Cushion events Sports Rules

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