La Baule wants to repeat the excellence of 2016.


From 23 to 29 October, the Atlantic coast city of La Baule will again be the host of a UMB World Cup. If the 2017 edition of this event will be as good as the 2016 tournament, we can all look forward to a splendid week of billiards.

The driving force behind the organization is Joel Switala, who has participated in many World Cups himself. He is well into his sixties now, but loves the game no less. A World Cup on French soil stands on strong tradition, because the first ever professional World Cup was played in Paris, in 1986.

The place of action in La Baule is the Complex Sportif des Salines, with a capacity for 1200 spectators. Last year, the fans witnessed semi-finals where Torbjörn Blomdahl and Marco Zanetti were eliminated, and a final dominated by Murat Naci Coklu, who handed world champion Dani Sánchez one of his rare defeats. The 2016 event was of high-quality, with a tournament average of 1.653, a high run of 16 and a best match of 3.636. 

This year, the seeded players are Sánchez, Jaspers, Zanetti, Caudron, H.J. Kim, Blomdahl, Polychronopoulos, Bury, Coklu, Merckx,  Sidhom, J.H. Heo, N.Q. Nguyen and Q.C. Tran. The wildcards were handed to Sung Won Choi, Jerome Barbeillon and Jean Paul de Bruijn. 

La Baule will be the sixth World Cup in the series. Haeng Jik Kim is in the lead for the overall win, having conquered Cheongju and Porto. Caudron won in Bursa, Sánchez in Luxor and Merckx in Ho Chi Minh city.


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