LBM 2017 Vainqueur 2

Jaspers raises the bar.

Sunday January, 22th.

Today, one of the best players of all time came up with one of the best performances of all time. Dick Jaspers, playing for his German Bundesliga team of Magdeburg, defeated Andreas Efler (Erlangen) in an unbelievable match. The Dutchman ran 5-11-2-22, to make 40 in 4. Poor Efler missed in all four innings, so the final score was 40 - 0.  

It was a dramatic improvement on the old world record to 40 points (40 in 6 innings), which was held by Frédéric Caudron (twice), Marco Zanetti, Haeng Jik Kim and Jaspers.  Jaspers' average of 10.000 even beats that of Eddy Merckx, who holds the world record to 50 points (6 innings and 8,333 average).

The record match by Jaspers had many interesting aspects, in addition to the 10.000 average. He had no open innings, which is extremely rare. A run of 22 and out is also spectacular, and it makes you wonder how many he could have made if he had been allowed to play on. In spite of Efler's contribution, the match also broke the record for highest combined average: 5.000. Finally, to leave your opponent on 0 points is also a record of sorts. 

Jaspers also holds the world records for points without a miss (set system), with 34 points, the best match average in the set system ( 5.625), as well as the best match average in the Scotch Double system, with Jean van Erp (40 in 15) and the best tournament average with matches to 50 (2.622).  

Bert van Manen.

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