South Korea retains the world title

Austria Silver medal and bronze for Turkey and Denmark.

Viersen, February 24th.

The Korean team of Sung Won Choi and Dong Koong Kang are the 2018 world team champions. Their win in the final over the surprise of the tournament, Austria, was convincing: 40 - 30 in 23 innings. This means Korea hold on to the title they won last year, with Jae Guen Kim and Sung Won Choi.


The Festhalle in Viersen, Germany hasn't often seen an event with so many surprises. Strong contenders like Greece and Vietnam were disappointing, and favorite countries were eliminated, especially in the quarterfinals and semifinals. Host country Germany (Horn and Lindemann) missed top form and lost to the experienced Turks (Sayginer and Tasdemir). The Netherlands (Jaspers and de Bruijn) were beaten by the Danes (Carlsen and Andersen). Belgium (Caudron and Philipoom), always a title candidate, was surprised by the revelation of Viersen: the Austrians (Efler and Kahofer). Last year's semifinalist France was beaten by the Korean team.


The exciting quarterfinals resulted in two confrontations between a favorite and an underdog: Korea took on Denmark and Turkey faced Austria. 

Sayginer and Tasdemir had the much better start against Austria, but the second half of the match was tense. Efler and Kahofer felt they could play freely, the pressure was on the Turks. It was Austria that squeezed out the final points: 40 - 38 in 35 innings.


If possible, the second semifinal was even more of a nail biter. Korea could not shake off the Danes, and even the 40 - 37 they put on the scoreboard was not enough: Denmark equalized with a run of 3. An extension of 15 points had to be played, and this proved to be too much for Carlsen and Andersen. The batteries were empty, Korea won the extension 15 - 2 and booked their place in the final.


Efler and Kahofer played a fearless final, and they even had a 6 point lead. The second half of the match was dominated by Korea, and Austria, like Denmark, simply ran out of steam. Even after the 40 - 30 final result, the Austrians can be proud of the tournament they played. But Korea was the best team, and the deserving winner of Viersen 2018. That German city, as UMB president Farouk Barki announced during the opening ceremony, will host this event for at least another five years. 


The Dutch duo put a new record in the books: in their match against Egypt, they scored the 40 points in 11 innings (3.636), a new world record in the Scotch Double format. The Korean team also improved a world record: their general average of 1.920 is the best ever in Scotch Double. The high run in Viersen was made by Austria: 14.   


1  South Korea 1.920-10 
2  Austria 1.273-14
3  Turkey 1.394-11

4  Denmark 1.472-10
5  Belgium1.514-10
6  Netherlands 1.722-9
7  Germany 1.281-12
8  France 1.123-8
9  Egypt 1.185-6
10 Vietnam 1.157-7
11 Japan 0.956-5
12 Peru 0.805-4
13 Ecuador 1.134-8
14 Greece 0.944-6
15 Lebanon 0.824-5
16 Colombia 0.816-4




official press release.

Viersen,February 24th

Semifinalists determined – Belgium and Netherlands eliminated On Day 3 of the 3-Cushions Team World Championships in Viersen, the semifinalists were determined.

There were already the first surprises, if not sensations. Both Belgium and the Netherlands are already out of the tournament. Howerer, in the early morning the last group matches were on the agenda and the Austrians showed what they are capable of. Standing with their back to the wall, Arnim Kahofer and Andreas Efler dominated the game against the overpowering Dutchman and thus moved into the quarterfinals.

They of course also benefited from the surprising defeat of Egypt against Ecuador. On the other hand, everything was quite normal in group A. Belgium prevailed against Japan and the French did the same against Lebanon. The two winning teams thus reached the knockout stage. After the preliminary round groups were completed, the teams were ranked from place 1 to 8. Unfortunately Germany as host nation had to play against Turkey again.

Both teams already faced each other in the group stanges. In the beginning, the German duo kept up very well and was also in the lead here and there, before Turkey turned the tide and moved into the semifinal-round with a 40:31-victory after 26 innings. At the same time, the first big surprise came in this year's title fights. The Netherlands, despite the defeat against Austria had sovereignly reached the quarterfinals, drew the Danish duo with Tonny Carlsen and Thomas Andersen. This time Dick Jaspers and Jean-Paul de Bruijn weren’t able to continue their strong play, only had an average of 1.156, and therefore lost by a score of 37:40 against Danmark.

Another big surprise came in the evening session between Belgium and the Austrians. As mentioned above Efler/Kahofer had reached the quarterfinals only by a true hussar ride, and now they even managed to eliminate Frédéric Caudron and Jozef Philipoom. The match lived more from the tension than from the class. After Austria were already almost ten points ahead, the Belgians fought their way back before they had to leave the table. With last strength the Austrians scored the last points and moved into the semifinal. Comparatively undramatic was the last quarterfinal between defending champion Korea and the French. The Koreans fully lived up to their role as favorites and crossed the finish line as the 40:28- winners. On Sunday morning the Asians will face now Danmark while Austria has to deal with Turkey.

Results Day 3: Netherland - Austria 26:40 Egypt - Ecuador 22:40 Belgium - Japan 40:13 France - Lebanon 40:20 Quarterfinals: Turkey - Germany 40:31 Netherlands - Danmark 37:40 Korea - France 40:28 Belgium - Austria 36:407

Viersen,February 23th

After the second day of the 3-Cushions Team World Championships in Viersen, the first participants of the quarterfinals were determind. The host nation German had there deciding match against Peru. Martin Horn and Ronny Lindemann played a solid match with smaller series which brought them in front at the beginning of the game. The German duo continued to score like that and finally won by 40:19. At the same time, the Turkish team haven’t had any problems with the Colombians and thus became the first-place finisher in this preliminary group.

In group C it was defending champion Korea to win all three matches. In their last match, Sung Won Choi and Dong Koong Kang send back home the duo from Greece by a clear score of 40:19. Meanwhile Danmark secured their ticket for the round of the last eight with a win over Taiwan.

In Group B, the Dutch are almost through to the quarterfinals after a great 40:21 victory against Egypt. It took them only eleven innings to make the necessary 40 points. Dick Jaspers and JeanPaul de Bruijn harmonized beautifully, played several series and showed impressively that you can play brilliant in such an unusual scotch-double format.

In the last group match they will face Austria who won a real thriller against Ecuador. Also two of the three rounds are now completed in Group A, with title candidate Belgium so far unbeaten. Frédéric Caudron and Jozef Philipoom celebrated a solid 40:19-win over France today. On the second table, Lebanon as a great outsider was ahead of Japan in the beginning of the match. Japan struggled but didn’t fall. After the break the came back stronger and took the lead. 40:38 was the final score but after Japan was ahead by 38:30 the Lebanasian duo almost reached a draw.

Tickets for the World Championships are available at the entrance of the Festhalle in Viersen. The event can be followed as pay-per-view-Livestream on www.kozoom.com Results Day 2: Korea - Danmark 40:30 Vietnam - Greece 40:25 Netherlands - Egypt 40:21 Ecuador - Austria 39:40 Belgium - France 40:19 Lebanon - Japan 38:40 Turkey - Colombia 40:22 Germany - Peru 40:19 Korea - Greece 40:19 Danmark - Vietnam 40:27

Viersen,February 22th

At this year's 3-Cushions Team World Championships the favorites started very well into the competition.

Defending champion Korea, who won the title for the first time a year ago, had no problems with the competitors from Vietnam.

The Belgian squad with Jozef Philipoom alongside multiple world champion Frédéric Caudron struggled against underdogs Lebanon until the break, before returning stronger and winning the game. The same thing happened to the strong Frenchmen, who were relatively equal to Japan for a long time before they could turn up one or two gears in the second half of the match.

Meanwhile the Dutch duo with top-player Dick Jaspers had no problems winning their first match against Ecuador by a score of 40:22.

With almost the same result, the Danish team beat Greece. With a score of 40:38 the match between Egypt and Austria was the most exciting one. For a long time, the Egyptians with their top man Sameh Sidhom were a few points ahead, and in the end they also managed to transport this little advantage over the finish line.

Besides that the two performances of the German duo were eagerly awaited. In the group with Colombia, Peru and Turkey, Martin Horn and Ronny Lindemann already completed two of their three group matches today. In the first match they succeeded against Colombia with a convincing 40:11-score.

Later in the evening they had to play Turkey who won against Peru. Turkey got off to a much better start and gained a comforting lead with a series of eleven points. Right after the break they were even able to extend this lead so Germany lost this match by a score of 21:40. In the last group match against Peru they now need at least a draw to reach at least the minimum goal which is the quarterfinals.

Tickets for the World Championships are available at the entrance of the Festhalle in Viersen. The event can be followed as pay-per-view-Livestream on www.kozoom.com

Results Day 1:

Turkey - Peru 40:24

Germany - Colombia 40:11

Korea - Vietnam 40:21

Danmark - Greece 40:24

Netherlands - Ecuador 40:22

Austria - Egypt 38:40

Belgium - Lebanon 40:31

France - Japan 40:34

Turkey - Germany 40:21

Peru - Colombia 40:38


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Viersen,February 22th

World Championships opened today


On Thursday morning this year’s 3-Cushions Team-Worldchampionships were opened. For the 32nd time the global champion will be searched and found. Since 1990 the event is hosted by the City of Viersen/Germany. The title holders are Sung Won Choi and Jae Guen Kim vom Korea. In total 16 teams traveled to Germany to play for the world title. The final will take place on Sunday afternoon, 2:00 p.m.





The event was opened today by Mr. Farouk Baki, the president of the “Union Mondiale de Billiard”, the worldwide Billiards Federation. Also Mr. Clemens Boensman, the Vicepresident of the “Deutsche Billard-Union” welcomed the players and spectators. Besides that the mayor of the City of Viersen, Mrs. Sabine Anemüller, held a short speech were she mentioned the long history of the World Championships in the small German City close to the Dutch boarder.

Tickets for the World Championships are available at the entrance of the Festhalle in Viersen. The event can be followed as pay-per-view-Livestream at www.kozoom.com

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WC Website

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We are in the month of February, and for billiard fans, that means only one thing: Viersen.  This iconic tournament, the World Championship for National teams,  has been in the hands of the capable Germans since 1990.  

Now the UMB has granted the DBU (German Federation)  the organization of this championship until 2023, thirty-three editions! Congratulations to all who make it possible year after year!

The upcoming edition will again be played in the Scotch Double format, this time with 16 teams in four flights of four. The prize money has been doubled: the winning team will receive € 8.000, the silver is good for 6.000 and the two bronzes win 3.600 Euro. 

Title holders are South Korea, the surprise winners last year, when Jae Guen Kim and Sung Won Choi beat the Belgians (Caudron and Forthomme) in the final. Absent from the start list are two strong European nations: 9-time winners Sweden, and Spain. The reduced number of participating countries will be good for the tournament, but as a result, some familiar faces (Blomdahl, Sánchez) will be missing. 

Can the ACC and the CPB break the dominance of the Asian and European countries? They will have a tough task. For the ACC, Egypt carry the flag. Sameh Sidhom and Mohamed Abdin are in the group headed by The Netherlands. The Panamerican contribution comes from Ecuador (Teran, Aveiga, in the same group as Egypt), Colombia and Peru (Diaz / Morales, and Sacco / Rodriguez, together in the group headed by Turkey). 

The most successful duo in recent years has been Caudron / Merckx, the Belgian winners from 2012 - 2015. This year, Caudron will be partnered by 1995 world champion Jef Philipoom. South Korea also has a new line-up: Sung Won Choi now plays with Dong Koong Kang. Turkey could do well, with Semih Sayginer and Tayfun Tasdemir. Jaspers showed great form recently, his Dutch team is now completed by Jean Paul de Bruijn. Vietnam are strongly represented by Nguyen Quoc Nguyen and Quyet Chien Tran, Greece by Nikos Polychronopoulos and Dionisos Tsokantas. Denmark (Carlsen / Andersen) and France (Melnytschenko / Barbeillon) are the potentially dangerous dark horses.

And what about the host nation? A German playing for Germany can always bring something extra. It's up to Martin Horn and Ronny Lindemann.

Play in the Viersen Festhalle starts on 22 February, the final is on the 25th.

The groups:

A) Belgium, France, Japan, Lebanon

B) Netherlands, Austria, Egypt, Ecuador

C) S. Korea, Denmark, Greece, Vietnam

D) Turkey, Germany, Colombia, Peru 

(c) 2020 Union Mondiale de Billard