Hosting of UMB 3-Cushion events back on Dutch soil.

Lausanne, May 31th ,2018

The UMB is pleased to announce its renewed cooperation with the Royal Dutch Billiards Federation (KNBB). Both parties have agreed that the Netherlands will host three World Cup tournaments, in 2019, 2020 and 2021.

They will take place in the southern province of Brabant, in the city of Veghel, in a renewed Theater Complex called “De Blauwe Kei”, for many years the “Mecca” of prominent 3-Cushion National Masters Events.

The venue is in the middle of a shopping square, surrounded by nice restaurants and bar-terraces and shops. An independent foundation called BEN (Billiard Events Netherlands) will act as organizing party.

These World Cups are planned to take place in the last week of October in all three years. BEN has organized many prestigious National tournaments in the recent past, amongst those the Dutch Masters (individual) and Dutch Cup (for club teams).

Supermarket chain JUMBO, with their headquarters in Veghel, will be the main sponsor of these World Cups. JUMBO is a very well-known, sports-minded sponsor, among others in skating and formula-1, in the Netherlands.

In addition, the Netherlands will also host the World Championship for juniors and for Ladies, in the years 2020, 2021 and 2022.

The Netherlands has a rich history as organizer of prominent international events. Since 1986, twenty-two World Cups have been played on Dutch soil, the last one in Sluiskil in 2009.

The best player in the Netherlands, Dick Jaspers, commented: "I am very happy with this news. It will be a pleasure for me to welcome top players from other parts of the world to the Netherlands, in the same way they have often made me feel welcome in their country."


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