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The Survival Masters proves it had the right name

Seoul, September 16th 

The ultimate survivor was Dani Sánchez, the last man standing in the long elimination process of the 3CC Survival Masters in Seoul. In the final seconds of the very last inning, a near miss by Semih Sayginer gave the title and first prize of 50.000 Euro to the likeable Spaniard.

This (second) edition of the 3CC Masters had a formula based on the Korean “jook-bang” game, with four players at the table, in two periods of 45 minutes, trying to outscore each other. It proved to be a more attractive format than the first, with its computer-generated positions. Many of the foursome matches were exciting and the two highest averages always advanced to the next round. The Masters series, a UMB / Kozoom cooperation has given a major new impulse to the international 3-cushion circuit.

On the final day in Incheon, near Seoul, there were eight players left. They were placed in two semifinal groups, and the two best would advance to the final. In the first group, Zanetti set the tone with a run of 10 in his first visit to the table. He was never in trouble after that, and his brilliant average of 2.500 gave him a place in the final. Sung Won Choi joined him, he also played a great week and kept Jaspers and Coklu far behind in their semi.

In the other group, there was a similar dominance of two players over the other two: Sayginer and Sánchez were much too strong for Sidhom and Jae Ho Cho. Sánchez recorded the best run of the event: 15. Sayginer averaged 3.266 in this match.

The final could not have been much closer. Choi was in the lead for most of the time and Sayginer was last. But the Turk made a strong comeback with two runs of eight, giving him a share of the lead. Choi faded, Zanetti could not keep up and it was all about the last inning, with Sánchez and Sayginer both on 71. Dani scored twice, so Semih would tie if he also made two points. He solved his first, difficult problem, then missed a much easier one. Dani was almost astonished to have won, but still a happy man. He has slipped a bit on the ranking, and this major title should give him a boost.

Final ranking of the 3CC Survival Masters:

  1.     Dani Sánchez  50.000 Euro
  2.     Semih Sayginer  21.000 Euro
  3.     Sung Won Choi  18.000 Euro
  4.     Marco Zanetti  15.000 Euro

5-8     Jaspers, Coklu, J.H. Cho and Sidhom  9.000 Euro

9-17   J.H. Heo, Polychronopoulos, Blomdahl, Patino,

           Horn, Ngo, Caudron, Kang, all 6.000 Euro

18-24 Tran, Nguyen, Bury, Tasdemir,

            Merckx, H.J. Kim, M.W. Cho, Leppens, all 4.000 Euro



Seoul, September 11th.

The best 3-cushion players in the world have not left Seoul, after last week’s LG+ Cup. They and a few of their colleagues are getting ready for a new challenge: the 3CC Survival Masters, starting Thursday 13 September in the Hotel Skypark in Incheon near Seoul. This UMB / Kozoom cooperation is an invitational event without world ranking points. There is a substantial prize fund though: 220.000 dollars, with a first prize of 50.000 dollars for the winner. The runner-up will receive 21.000, nrs. 3 and 4 are good for 18.000 and 15.000. 

The 24 players (six groups of four) will compete in a new format, that will be familiar to the Korean players but totally unknown to most Europeans or Americans. The name of the game is “Survival”, and it is loosely based on a Korean game called “jook bang”.

The rules, in short, are as follows:

  • Four players are in the game at the same time.
  • Each player starts the match with 40 points to his credit.
  • For every 3-cushion point that is made by a player, a point will be added to his total and a point will be deducted from the three others.
  • If a player has no more points on his balance, he is out of the game
  • A match has two 45-minute periods. The order of play in the 2nd half will be the reverse of the 1st half. 
  • There is a 30 second shot clock, with three time-outs per player.

The six groups are:

  1. Haeng Jik Kim, Blomdahl, Sidhom, Patino
  2. Jung Han Heo, Coklu, Quyet Chien Tran, Horn
  3. Sung Won Choi, Sánchez, Jaspers, Bury
  4. Jae Ho Cho, Zanetti, Nguyen Quoc Nguyen, Polychronopoulos
  5. Merckx, Leppens, Sayginer, Dong Koong Kang
  6. Myung Woo Cho, Caudron, Ngo Dinh Nai, Tasdemir 

All matches will be LIVE on Kozoom.

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