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Italy wins the first world championship of five-pin national teams in Lugano.

Uruguay takes the Silver medal and Argentina and Germany the Bronze.

January, 13rd

Italy meets the expectations and it´s proclaimed first world champion by national teams of 5 pins in Lugano (Switzerland), the final dominated by 3-0 by Italy against a combative URUGUAY that had eliminated the other favorite team ARGENTINA, which together GERMANY won the bronze medal.

The first edition of a World Championship is thus closed and a great future is predicted. The acceptance by the fans, players, federations and organizers has been excellent. All the matches have been recorded and broadcast in internet platform  , and daily summaries have been published reached all corners of the world through Olympic Channel thanks to the existing agreement of the international federation with the most important platform in the world of sport and that will produce in the future an important spread of billiards in all its specialties.

"The first of a thousand" is the motto adopted by the members of the five pins committee of the Union Mondiale de Billar that formed in December of 2017 just a year ago has developed an effective work stabilizing an international calendar and that in the future will continue promoting the five pins  to the highest possible level.



The next international event will be the individual and teams European Championships in Brandenburg organized in March by the Confederation Europeene de Billard , then in October the World Individual Championships whose venue will be announced in the coming weeks.
Congratulations to the organizers and Thanks to  the city of Lugano!
All the results and classifications can be consulted in this web page in the results section in the sport area.



Day 3 - Jan 12nd


Fifth match - individual 

Maurizio Gobbi (San Marino) 

Gianluca Memmi (Belgium)

The big technical difference between the two players is immediately clear and unfortunately Memmi pays for emotion and the inexperience in this discipline.


Sixth match -  double

Michelangelo Aniello-Matteo Gualemi (Italy)

Degreef-Pereira (Luxembourg)

Italy leads from the very first shots with Aniello who immediately stops the hopes of Luxembourg team. 


Seventh match - relay

Italy (Putignano, Lopez, Gualemi, Aniello) 


Luxembourg (Degreef, Suska Pereira, Gobert)


A cracking start for Luxembourg with a big surprise for the audience, but then Gualemi takes his teamates' hands recovering more than 40 points deficit and Aniello tops it off.

Congrats to Luxembourg for playing a fair game.


Eight match - individual

Suska (Luxembourg) vs Debeas (Belgium)

One way match: Suska takes big advantage and seems to have easy game against the Belgian player, author of a wonderful comeback being close to the victory. Finally Suska wins with pain.



Ninth match - double

Italy (Gualemi-Lopez)

France (Carreux-Guerin) 

Total balance match uo to 80 points with the French players keeping the field against the Italians. In the final part it is Matteo Gualemi to lead the "Azzurri" to the victory thanks to two masterpieces.



Tenth match - relay 

Italy (Lopez, Gualemi, Aniello, Quarta)
France (David, Carreaux, Jublot, Guerin)


While Italy deploys the complete team, France misses Huigant for turnover. France starts good with David defeating Lopez at the first set, but then it is Gualemi once again to set things right giving Aniello first and Quarta an easy relay to win. Both teams advance to the quarterfinals. 





Day 2 – Jan 11

First Match – Individual

Cortes (Spain) vs Kratochvil (Czech Republic)

Nice match played by two athletes who are not 5-pins experts. After this balanced game, Cortes finally prevails thanks to two well done conclusions.


Second Match – Individual

Gabel (Germany) vs Jodl (Czech Republic)

Surprise result with the wide margin victory of Jodl at the expense of Gabel, a bit underplaying and who made too many mistakes.


Third match – double

Switzerland (Belfiore-Ciccardi)
Argentina (Ingegneri-Della Gaspera)

One way match for the Argentines who dominate the game from the beginning to the end with Della Gaspera as leader. The Swiss team never goes into the game maybe paying a bit the emotion of playing on the tv set.


Fourth match – relay

Switzerland (Ciccolella, Belfiore, Ciccardi, Brogi)
Argentina (Ingegneri, Della Gaspera, Oliva, Martinotti)

A real lucky match for the Argentines who win with a wide margin thanks to the big advantage got by the last relay players.


Lugano day one.

First match – Individual (100 points) - Spain-Switzerland


Riccardo Ciccardi (Suisse) and  Cortes  Gil (Spain)

The Swiss athlete leads the beginning of the match gaining more than 20 advantage points, but at half match he misses concentration. This allows the Spanish one to become the leader with four wonderful conclusions in a row, to catch up and to win.


Second Match - Individual – Italy vs Belgium

Michelangelo Aniello (Italy) vs Peter Debaes (Belgium)

The technical deep gap between the two athletes is clear and in fact the champion Aniello dominates the match from beginning to end closing the set in less than 30 minutes.


Third Match – double - Uruguay-Denmark 

Vidal-Montesdeoca (Uruguay) and Hendriksen-Sonderby (Denmark)
Exploding start of the South American couple who takes great advantage with brilliant scores at direct shots.
Denmark gets close but finally failing in recovery the gap.

Fourth match - Relay

Uruguay (Vidal, Capote, Montesdeoca, Moran)


Denmark (Hendriksen, Sonderby, Mortensen, Sjorup)

Uruguay starts at its best with the first three relay players gaining a lot of points, but the Danish Captain Sjorup, at the final game, calls into question everything even if at the crunch time, with a questionable choice, gets Uruguay the win.


Fifth match – Individual – Italy vs San marino

Matteo Gualemi (Italy) Maurizio Gobbi (San Marino)

It should be the fastest and easiest match of the day, buti t was the more competitive and gripping match as the current European and Italian champion Matteo Gualemi had to work hard to prevail over Maurizio Gobbi, 71 years old, but as feisty as a yioung guy.


Sixth match – individual -  Argentina vs Spain

Alejandro Martinotti (Spain) vs   Cortes  Gil (Argentina)

No contest: the World Champion Alejandro Martinotti easily dominates the match with devastating scores at direct shots and simply Cortes was not able to stop the talented Argentine player.


Seventh match – double –

Luxembourg (Pereira and Goebert) vs  France  (Jublot and David)

The big technical skills benefit French player Jublot who, alone, gets a score of 50 to 0. In the second part there’s only game control by the French team and no show. For sure Jublot the best player in field. 




Lugano, January 8th.

The Swiss city of Lugano hosts this week the 13 national teams that will play the first  world championship by national teams, along with Italy and Argentina stand out among the favorites  current European Champion Germany , Switzerland, Uruguay, France, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, San Marino, Czech Republic, Luxembourg and Austria that complete the participants countries.


Lugano will present in the arena to  the big stars of the modality, the best players in the world will exhibit in Lugano the five pins game,  an  historical specialty that has been get  in the last times a great strength extending without pause to more and more countries and the big succed as participations of more than 1,000 players in the ind

ividual championships played in Italy which is undoubtedly great news for fans 

and public. 



We invite you to witness the evolutions of the current World Champion Alejandro Martinotti, the Argentines Della Gaspera, Longo or the Italian geniuses Quarta, Gualemi, Lopez and Aniello.

The German Toni Rosenberg, the Swiss Cicciardi or Belfiore, the Uruguayans Vidal or Montes de Oca and many stars that can be consulted in ACTIVE EVENTS on this website and on the official website of the tournament https://www.mondialibiliardo-lugano.



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