Information Bulletin

Seoul, Wednesday February 27th, 2019

Today a Press Conference was held at the Olympic Garden in Seoul, South-Korea.

Before the Press Conference, during the event “Billiards Nights”, annually organized by KBF, in front of around 400 persons, Mr. Barki, UMB President, announced that the Union Mondiale de Billard (UMB), The Korea Billiards Federation (KBF) with their Partners, Kozoom International and Galaxia SM, will join efforts for a future cooperation. 

All Events organized in Korea will take place under the UMB and KBF umbrella, including 3C Masters and the Ceulemans Cup, as announced and scheduled.

Later, at the Press Conference that took place in the same venue, with the Press and  Media representatives as well as several Players present, GALAXIA SM gave a corporate presentation of its profile and core business.

Galaxia SM, Inc is a major Korea-based sports marketing company. The Company business objectives are mainly engaged in broadcasting sports events and sports marketing consulting.

The Company owns the right to broadcast sports events of major league baseball (MLB), Asian football confederation (AFC), ultimate fighting championship (UFC), international association of athletics federation (IAAF), Korean ladies professional golf association (KLPGA) and others through various platforms such as cable television, Internet television and digital media broadcasting. Its sports marketing consulting business utilize various properties of sports teams to hold advertising, promoting and sponsoring events.

Galaxia SM and Kozoom International will cooperate even outside South-Korea for the Broadcasting of UMB Events.

Mr. Barki proudly announced that the UMB objective to be on Eurosport, has finally come into reality. Starting from March 2019, 3-Cushion events will be, on a regular basis, Broadcasted on Eurosport.

UMB will continue to concentrate its efforts in keeping all players under its umbrella. Players must then, like in any other sport, respect the democratically set UMB Statutes and Sports Rules that will be strictly applied.

UMB and its Partners remain open for discussions and cooperation with any other party, interested in bringing our sport into better heights.



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