Official Information Statement

Lausanne, April 7th, 2019

The Union Mondiale de Billard (UMB) is the sole Body, recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), to administer and promote the sports of Carom Billiards in all its disciplines.

For the avoidance of doubt, any application submitted by a third-party for the organization of an International Competition, is treated in a transparent and non-discriminatory manner as compared to applications submitted by UMB Members for any corresponding competition on the UMB Sports Calendar.

Participation to an International competition, not recognized by the UMB and not published on the UMB Sports Calendar, is the free choice and responsibility of the Player.

The Player may then not be allowed to participate to any International Competition mentioned on the UMB Sports Calendar, as well as to any competition that is linked to UMB Events, for a period of up to three years, depending on the decision of the UMB Committee.

The UMB Statutes, Sports Rules and Regulations serve to protect the legitimate Sports Objectives, such as the promotion, integrity and proper conduct of Sports, in all organizational layers within the UMB Structure.

We refer to Chapter III and VI of the Statutes, as published on this website:

We are confident to have informed you conveniently.

(c) 2020 Union Mondiale de Billard