Publication: Notification of Suspension

Publication: Notification of Suspension 

Date:              June 9th, 2019

Dear sports friends,

As you may have been previously informed, till now, the negotiations with PBA did not reach a solution.

PBA refuses to follow the UMB rules for the application to Open International Competitions.  

PBA plans to yearly organize 20 to 30 events. These tournaments can impossibly fit into our International Sports Calendar that will be then conflicting with reserved dates for the UMB core activities: Confederal and Federal Competitions.

UMB has no other option than to suspend any recognized player (member of a UMB Federation) that participates to non-sanctioned PBA competitions.

According to the UMB Statutes and Rules, the Confederations will extend the sanction to their jurisdiction and adequately inform their Federations of the imposed consequences as mentioned in the Notification of Suspension to the Player:

“During the period of suspension, you are restricted for participation from all events mentioned in the UMB sports calendar and the subsequent events from the UMB Confederations and Federations jurisdictions, except for the mentioned in article 124.4 concerning competitions not related to UMB, which they administer on their own.” 


The Confederations and Federations will restrict the suspended players for participation from all their Championships as well as from the subsequent qualifying competitions.

Besides the restriction from participation to the Confederal Club Team Championships, the suspended players may as well be restricted for participation from foreign Club Team Competitions.  


We regret not to have any other option to preserve the basically legitimate objectives of the UMB Worldwide sports pyramid, in favor of the sports development at the Confederal and Federal levels.

Union Mondiale de Billard

(c) 2019 Union Mondiale de Billard