World Championship 2019-1378 blomdhal win

Blomdahl is the King of Denmark.

Silver medal to Vietnamese talent Duc Anh Chien Nguyen, The Egyptian star Sameh Sidhom and The Prince Semih Sayginer bronze medals.

Randers, November 30th 2019

He won his first world title in 1987, and that seems like ancient history. This Saturday, in Randers, Denmark, he won a seventh crown: Torbjörn Blomdahl from Sweden. In a final with a tense second half, he beat the up and coming Vietnamese talent Duc Anh Chien Nguyen: 40–37 in 22 innings.

Blomdahl’s road to the title was full of excitement, narrow escapes and high quality play. He qualified from the group despite a loss against Roland Forthomme in only 11 innings, then beat Lütfi Cenet in a shootout. Another shootout came in the round of 16, against Eddy Merckx. It was one of the highlights of the week, when Merckx ran 7 from the spots and Blomdahl answered with 8! A relatively easy quarterfinal against Dion Nelin followed, and Sameh Sidhom was beaten in only ten innings, in the semifinal. It set up a clash with the young Vietnamese player who had made a strong impression in the recent Veghel World Cup. Blomdahl took a 22-2 lead, but then lost control of the match and Nguyen fought back well. The experienced Swede found his composure in the home stretch and ended the match at 40-30. Nguyen added more drama to produce a great run of 7, getting close to yet another shootout. It was not to be though, and Blomdahl could celebrate, under the watchful eye of his 80 year-old father Lennart.

The  bronze medals  are for  Sayginer and Shidom , both the Egyptian and the Turk played a strong tournament, Sayginer having beaten Tran and Jaspers and Sidhom getting past Polychronopoulos and Myung Woo Cho.

The Danish colors were represented by Haack-Sörensen and Nelin, and they did well. The match between Nelin and Jae Ho Cho will go down in history: 40-40 in 11 innings, Nelin winning the shootout. There were more top averages in the week: 40 in 11 for Forthomme, 40 in 13 for Merckx and Sanchez, and of course Blomdahl’s 40 in 10. Eddy Merckx made the high run: 18.  

With his 120 new ranking points, Blomdahl is certain to jump up on the world ranking list. Jaspers, who lost his title, had a big lead and will stay in the number one position.


      Final standing of “Randers”:

  1.       Torbjörn Blomdahl 2.121 – 13
  2.       Duc Anh Chien Nguyen 1.606 – 14
  3.       Sameh Sidhom 1.535 – 9
  4.       Semih Sayginer 1.934 – 13
  5.       Tayfun Tasdemir 1.949 – 12
  6.       Quyet Chien Tran 1.824 – 12
  7.       Nikos Polychronopoulos 1.558 – 15
  8.       Dion Nelin 1.622 - 16 



Press release, 11/30/2019

Torbjörn Blomdahl World Champion for the 6th time Today, the Swede Torbjörn Blomdahl crowned himself world champion for the sixth time in his long and successful career at the 3-Cushion World Championships in Randers, Denmark. In an exciting final against Vietnamese Duc Anh Chien Nguyen, the Scandinavian won with 40:37 points after 22 innings. Like in the semifinal, Blomdahl got off to a lightning start and took a 14:0 lead after five runs. Nguyen finally scored his first two points in the sixth inning, but a little later he was faced with a 2:22 gap. After the obligatory five-minute break, however, the spectators saw a completely different Duc Anh Chien Nguyen.

Ball by ball, he fought his way back into the match, while Blomdahl was equally at ease. Over 12:27 and 24:29, Nguyen shortened the gap to 27:30 after 18 innings. Now it crackled in the arena and the tension was tangible. In the 19th inning Blomdahl scored only one point, while Nguyen came close to 29:31 in the twentieth. Now it seemed as if the Vietnamese was on the winning road, but now Blomdahl threw his whole routine into the scales and scored six times and shortly after three times again. With that he had reached the magic forty points, but Nguyen of course still had one more chance.

He needed ten points and was acting with a great and confident body language. His series had already reached seven points before he had to miss out and Torbjörn Blomdahl was finally able to celebrate. The 57-year-old has now won his sixth World Championship title after 1987, 1988, 1991, 1997 and 2015. For Nguyen, the silver medal was undoubtedly his best international ranking to date, which will push him far to the top of the world rankings. In the semifinal, which was played earlier today, Torbjörn Blomdahl demonstrated how to play 3-Cushion-Billards. He played Egypt's Sameh Sidhom and after four innings he was already ahead by 23:0 points at half time. After the break, Sidhom came into the game a little better, but it was not enough to have more than one cosmetic result at 16:28. Just when you thought it might be exciting after all, Blomdahl scored twelve points for the second time in this game and reached the goal. Sameh Sidhom only scored two points in his final attempt.

The second semi between Vietnamese Duc Anh Chien Nguyen and Semih Sayginer from Turkey was a little calmer, but more exciting. In the beginning, both opponents were once in the lead, before Nguyen was able to take the lead with 20:13. After the break, Sayginer got off to a better start and immediately scored nine points for his own 22:20 lead. But Nguyen was also wide awake and immediately countered with five and another four. Until the end of the match, he managed to save this lead. At 40:33, Sayginer had his final inning, but failed after three points.

 In the break between the second semi-final and the final the spectators were offered another highlight, because the world-famous trickshot artist Florian "Venom" Kohler gave one of his superb shows. To thunderous applause, the Frenchman showed his whole class at the specially set up pool table. So, five eventful and high-class tournament days come to an end.

The city of Randers and the Danish Billiard Union (DDBU) were excellent hosts who made this world championships a special event for players, fans and officials.

Semifinals: Torbjörn Blomdahl - Sameh Sidhom 40:18 Duc Anh Chien Nguyen - Semih Sayginer 40:36 Final: Torbjörn Blomdahl - Duc Anh Chien Nguyen 40:37




Press release, 11/29/2019



Super exciting matches on day 4, semifinalists determined On day four of the 3-Cushion World Championships in Randers, Denmark, the semi-finalists were determined today. Former world champion Torbjörn Blomdahl was the first to make it into the TOP 4. The Swede had a perfect start against local hero Dion Nelin, so after three innings and a run of 13 points he led 20:4. After the mid session interval nothing changed, although Blomdahl did not want to succeed in such a high run anymore. In the 17th inning he finally reached the goal of 40 points. Nelin had only 15 points so far and could only add four points in his last attempt.


In the semi-final Blomdahl will now face the Egyptian Sameh Sidhom, who beat the Greek Nikos Polychronopoulos with 40:27 in his quarterfinal. Sidhom got off to a great start similar to Blomdahl and was already leading 12:0 after three innings. Afterwards he extended this lead continuously over 16:4, 23:6 up to 30:12 after 17 innings. Polychronopoulos managed some result cosmetics, but more than a 22:35 after 24 innings wasn‘t possible. The game ended a few minutes later, when Sidhom collected the last points to win 40:27. Quyet Chien Tran and Semih Sayginer played a very exciting match in the third quarterfinal. The Vietnamese player started like the fire brigade and led 10:0, 13:6 and finally 18:10. But then Sayginer also came into the match and levelled the score with a run of 8 points. Also after the break Tran got the better start and went on to 28:21, but if it was nothing, Sayginer passed him again and took command from now on. But also just for a few innings, because Tran of course did not want to give up and in his 17th inning the score was tied at 37:37. But an extremely combative Sayginer could follow and win the game with three points.

At the same time Duc Anh Chien Nguyen and Tayfun Tasdemir played the second Vietnamese-Turkish duel, but this time it was the Vietnamese who were the winners. Tasdemir was once in the lead only after his third inning, but afterwards Nguyen scored better and better. Halfway through the match, the score was 20:11 and a little later 29:15. But the Turk did not want to be defeated without a fight, and with runs of seven and six points, he came close to 36:33. Nevertheless, it was not enough in the end as Nguyen crossed the finish line first with a 40:33 and booked his place in the semifinals. Previously, the round of sixteen had been very dramatic. In the first session three games went into the penalties.

The highlight was the match between Torbjörn Blomdahl and the Belgian Eddy Merckx. In the beginning Blomdahl was ahead by ten points, but Merckx fought his way back and was first at 40:38 after 21 innings.

However, Blomdahl managed to equalize scoring the neccesary two points. In extra time Merckx made seven which would normally be enough to win. But not in case when your opponent is Torbjörn Blomdahl. He scored point by point, was extremely creative and finally levelled at 47:47. After a short breather, Blomdahl let follow the eighth point and reached the quarterfinals.

Sameh Sidhom, on the other hand, was always in the lead against Roland Forthomme (Belgium), but he could not really shake off his opponent. This game also went into extra time, when the Egyptian scored four points. Forthomme only scored one point and was eliminated from the competition. In Martin Horn's match against Dion Nelin, the German looked like the winner for a long time.

Only at the very end the Dane could equalize and even take the lead at short notice. However, in the 26th inning, Nelin still needed 2 points to reach extra time and made them. In the penalties Horn missed the opening ball, whilst Dion Nelin scored and made sure to reach the round of the last eight. The victory of the Greek Nikos Polychronopoulos, who put Quoc Nguyen Nguyen (Vietnam) in his place with 40:33 points after 27 innings, was comparatively undramatic. The second session of the round of 16 in the afternoon was much calmer, but it had some surprises. Defending champion Dick Jaspers, for example, was eliminateds.

Although the Dutch had already taken the lead 16:0 after four innings, his opponent Semih Sayginer did not give in and worked his way back to 20:21. A short time later, he even took the lead and had match point in the 19th inning. At first he missed it, but in the next attempt Sayginer eliminated the world number one.

Also out of the race is former World Champion Daniel Sanchez. The Spaniard was down early to Duc Anh Chien Nguyen due to a run of 13 points. The Vietnamese then transported the lead and finally crossed the finish line in the 31st inning. Sanchez was only able to reduce the score to 36:40 with a remarkable eight points. Marco Zanetti is also no longer in the race. Between the Italian and his Turkish rival Tayfun Tasdemir a tight game developed, in which nobody could really break away. Tasdemir scored five points in the 19th round and took the lead 36:26. A few moments later he closed the match to 40:27.

Last but not least the Vietnamese Quet Chien Tran won 40:29 against the last South Korean in the field, Wan Young Choi, 40:29 after 22 innings.

Last 16: Eddy Merckx - Torbjörn Blomdahl 47:48 Sameh Sidhom - Roland Forthomme 44:41 Quoc Nguyen Nguyen - Nikos Polychronopoulos 33:40 Martin Horn - Dion Nelin 40:41 Dick Jaspers - Semih Sayginer 29:40 Quet Chien Tran - Wan Young Choi 40:29 Duc Anh Chien Nguyen - Daniel Sanchez 40:36 Marco Zanetti - Tayfun Tasdemir 27:40 Quarterfinals: Torbjörn Blomdahl - Dion Nelin 40:19 Nikos Polychronopoulos - Sameh Sidhom 27:40 Semih Sayginer - Quyet Chien Tran 40:37 Duc Anh Chien - Tayfun Tasdemir 40:33

The World Championship can be watched live as pay per view until November 30th on All results and further information can also be found on the official tournament website Last but not least, the official media page provides numerous pictures and all press releases.


Press release, 11/28/2019

Many dramatic games in the final round Today the last group matches of the 3-Cushion World Championships took place in Randers, Denmark, before the final round of the best 32 players started. There were no major surprises in the final qualifying round this morning. Only Sung-Won Choi, who is ranked 19th in the world rankings, was lucky to make it in the final round. The South Korean only had a 0.100 better average than Michael Nilsson (Sweden), which saved him from being eliminated. In the afternoon the round of the last 32 started with the first high-class and exciting games. 

Torbjörn Blomdahl (Sweden) and Turkish Lütfi Cenet, for example, went into extra time, in which the multiple World Champion from Scandinavia took the upper hand with 8:2 points. But actually Blomdahl was already almost eliminated, because at 39:38 lead Cenet missed the decisive point very curiously only by a tiny margin and even at 39:39 he did not close the match. Only this circumstances made overtime and Blomdahl's victory possible.

The Danish local hero Dion Nelin and South Korean Jae Ho Cho were similarly exciting. Nelin was always a few points ahead, but Cho could not be shaken off. A run of 16 points did not change anything as the Asian immediately countered with 14 points. The South Korean was not beaten at 40-35 either, with five more points to overtime. Finally Dion Nelin was more successful now, scoring five points while Cho only made two. More undramatic were the games of Eddy Merckx (Belgium) and Sung-Won Choi (South Korea) and between Martin Horn (Germany) and Murat Naci Coklu (Turkey). Merckx was trailing in his match, but in the final phase of the match he turned it around to win 40:34. Horn, on the other hand, took the lead with 17:2 points right at the beginning and transported it over the break to  The final result was 40:30 for the two-time World Cup winner from Germany. Nikos Polychronopoulos from Greece also qualified for the round of sixteen. After 14 strong innings he was able to beat Javier Teran from Ecuador. Although the South American could counter a 14:5 lead of the Greek to a 16:14, but a run of eleven points from Polychronopoulos brought the decision. Two more runs of each seven points brought the Greek his first matchpoints, which he omitted. However, in the 14th inning the match was over. Sameh Sidhom is also qualified for the next round.

Against the South Korean Myung Woo Cho, he was 40:34 points ahead after 29 innings. But for a long time it hadn't looked like that. At the mid session interval Cho led with 20:6 after 13 innings, but with steady smaller series the Egyptian managed to turn the game around. At 28:26 he had taken the lead for the first time and did not give it away until the end. The Belgian Roland Forthomme celebrated a solid 40:30 victory against the young Gwendal Marichal. The Frenchman had to make up a gap of ten points, but missed the opening shot. Meanwhile, it was much more dramatic between Arnim Kahofer of Austria and Quoc Ngyuen Nguyen of Vietnam. Shortly before the break, Kahofer scored eleven points and went into the second half with a 28:18 score. In this half Nguyen caught up bit by bit and finally crossed the finish line first with a 40:37 after 27 innings. In the first evening session the Vietnamese Quyet Chien Tran was successful with 40:25 against the Mexican Javier Vera. But the decision was made very late, when Tran ran eleven points in the 25th inning. Vera was at 23 at the time and could only add two more points.

Other winners in this round were Wan Young Choi (South Korea), defending champion Dick Jaspers (Netherlands) and Turk Semih Sayginer. The latter played brilliantly against Jacob Sörensen from Denmark at the beginning and took the lead with 34:8 after nine innings. But in the further course of the match he did not manage to close it. This was finally possible in the 23rd inning. Sörensen could only reduce the score to 35:40. Jaspers and his German opponent Dustin Jäschke were almost even for a long time before Jaspers conjured up 17 points in a row in the 

15th inning.. Although Jäschke still scored a few points, including a run of 7, he could not avoid his defeat. Wan Young Choi won 40:32 against Yusuke Mori from Japan. The South Korean had always led, but was unable to shake off his opponent. Nevertheless, he deserved to win in the end. Daniel Sanchez continues to play a very strong world championship. Against Pedro Gonzalez (Colombia) the Spaniard won convincingly with 40:10 points after 13 innings. Although he did not make longer runs, he managed to win by this clear score.

At a similar pace, Tayfun Tasdemir was able to beat Erick Tellez from Costa Rica. The Turk was already leading after six innings by 16:2 points and went into the break with a 20:5 lead. After his return, the pace continued, with Tasdemir finally winning 40:19. Marco Zanetti also showed a great performance. The Italian had to deal with last year's vice world champion Jeremy Bury (France) and won the one-sided game with 40:21 points after 15 innings. The decision was actually made at 17:14, when Zanetti run 12 points. Last but not least, the number three in the world rankings, Haeng Jik Kim, was eliminated. The South Korean had no access to the game against the Vietnamese Duc Anh Chien Nguyen and had to admit his defeat by 20:40-points after 22 innings. The World Championship can be watched live as pay per view until November 30th on All results and further information can also be found on the official tournament website Last but not least, the official media page provides numerous pictures and all press releases.



Other relevant events was in Randers ,  the agreement of UMB and SIMONIS - ARAMITH to extended to the end of 2021 their  cooperation , SIMONIS GROUP  continues as official Cloth and Balls partner in carom  of the Unión Mondiale de billard .






Press release, 11/26/2019

Superstar Semih Sayginer draws in his first match

This Tuesday morning, this year's 3-cushions World Championships opened in Randers/Denmark. During a ceremony the 48 actors from all over the world were introduced to the numerous spectators on location and at the livestream, before the theatre choir from Randers provided their entertaining performance.

Afterwards both the mayor of the host city, Torben Hansen, and the president of the Danish Billiards Union (DDBU), Torsten Danielsson, welcomed their guests and wished the event a beautiful and smooth course. In the arena was also multiple world champion Raymond Ceulemans from Belgium, who will attend the tournament as guest of honour.

The title fights were finally opened by Herbert Thür, Sports Director of the UMB World Association, who did not forget to commemorate Nobuaki Kobayashi, two-time World Champion from Japan, who died just two days ago.
Shortly after the competitions started. Defending champion Dick Jaspers was one of the four seeded players playing this evening. He had no problems against Ahmed Abdallah (Egypt), who was also defeated by the German Dustin Jäschke.

Marco Zanetti (Italy) and Turk Tayfun Tasdemir did the same and also won their opening match. Semih Sayginer (Turkey) tumbled, but he did not fall. Against Dutchman Barry van Beers, who had previously lost to Austria's Arnim Kahofer, he struggled, but still looked like the winner towards the end of the match. At 34:39, van Beers came back to the table and made the missing six points. Sayginer at least had another chance and turned it into a draw.

Also very interesting was the group with four-time world champion Daniel Sanchez (Spain), who is not one of the seeded players this year. He played against Michael Nilsson from Sweden and defeated him with a solid average of 2,000 after twenty innings with a score of 40:28 points. Besindes that the match of the Belgian Roland Forthomme was very exciting. Against the young Italian Alessio D'Agata he had the better end with 40:36 after 29 innings.

The World Championship can be watched live as pay per view until November 30th on
. All results and further information can also be found on the official tournament website

Last but not least,
the official media page provides numerous pictures and all press releases.



Tokio , November 26th 2019.

Double world champion Nobuaki Kobayashi passes away.  

We knew his health had been frail in the past years, but it still came as a surprise: at the age of 77, Japanese billiard icon Nobuaki Kobayashi has passed away. The sad news came just a day before the start of the 72nd world championship 3-cushion in Randers, Denmark.  Quite fittingly, UMB representative Herbert Thuer asked the players and officials at the opening ceremony for a minute of silence, in respect of the great Japanese player.

Kobayashi could have won so many more world titles, if he hadn’t lived in the era of the almost invincible Raymond Ceulemans. The Belgian held Kobayashi to a silver medal no fewer than eight times, and Dielis and Blomdahl added one more each, resulting in ten career second places for the Japanese player. Thankfully, he broke the spell twice, in 1974 (Antwerp) and in 1984 (Krefeld). His win in Belgium in 1974, with Ceulemans on an eleven-year winning streak, was the high point of his billiard life. He trailed 59 – 54 in the final and ran 6 to beat the legendary Belgian in his own back yard. Ten years later, he was once again the best in the world, winning in Krefeld ahead of Dielis and Ceulemans.

With his countryman Junichi Komori, he won the world championship for National teams in Viersen in 1981, 1985 and 1992. His best match was 50 in 14 innings, played against Komori in the Japanese Nationals of 1980.  

Kobayashi was a gentleman around the table, and well-liked by his peers. May he rest in peace. 

(c) 2019 Union Mondiale de Billard



Randers,  November 24th 2019.


The World Championship returns to Randers, Denmark.

Seventeen years ago, Marco Zanetti won his first 3-cushion world title in Randers, Denmark, when he beat a young Dion Nelin in the final. From 26 – 30 November, the Danish city will once again host the championship, and both finalists from 2002 are still in the field.

World number one Dick Jaspers will defend the title, in a tournament that has 48 players in sixteen groups of three. Jaspers and sixteen more players have been seeded: Marco Zanetti, Tayfun Tasdemir, Semih Sayginer, Eddy Merckx, Jae Ho Cho, Quyet Chien Tran, Sameh Sidhom, Murat Naci Coklu, Jeremy Bury, Haeng Jik Kim, Martin Horn, Jung Han Heo, Torbjörn Blomdahl, Myung Woo Cho, Sung Won Choi and Dani Sánchez. The CEB has contributed thirteen players, the CPB eight, the ACBC six and the ACC two. The two Danish wildcards were given to Thomas Andersen and Jacob Haack-Sörensen.  You can see all the names by clicking on the link below.

Remarkably, of the six spots available to the ACBC, only one ended up in Korean hands. The Asian confederation chose to send two Japanese players, two Vietnamese, one Lebanese and one Korean. The CEB has spread their thirteen spots over thirteen nationalities. The eight CPB players come from four different countries. Both ACC players are from Egypt.   

The two best from all groups will advance to the knock-out stage, from last 32 to last 16, quarterfinals, semifinals and final. Matches are to 40 points, with equalizing inning. The tables are Sören Sögaard, the cloth is Simonis 300 Prestige Blue, the balls are Super Aramith Pro Cup Prestige.

The winner of the title receives 20.000 Euro, the runner-up 12.000. Both losing semifinalists get 7.000, and the losing quarterfinalists 4.000.

There are also considerable ranking points at stake: the world champion can add 120 points, the runner-up 81, the numbers 3 get 57 points. The position of Dick Jaspers on the ranking looks very secure, but from 12th to 18th spot, the differences are rather small, which makes “Randers” a crucial event for these players.

The first group matches start on Tuesday the 26th, 12.00 Danish time. The final is scheduled for Saturday afternoon, 17.00. All matches will be streamed by Kozoom.   


DDBU Press release, 11/17/2019

World Championships 3-Cushions

From November 26th to 30th 2019, this year's 3-Cushions World Championships will be held in Randers, Denmark.

Torsten Danielsson, chairman of the Danish Billiards Union DDBU, is looking forward to the title fights: "This World Championship in Randers will be a great experience, both from an organizational and playing point of view!" The DDBU, the city of Randers and Sport Event Denmark are very excited about the great media interest. More than 50 hours of live coverage on Denmark's biggest sports channel TV-2 and Eurosport attract nationwide and pan-European attention. Livestreams through and MBC Sport provide the millions of Asian fans with plenty of entertainment."

For the third time after 1994 and 2002 (back then also in Randers), the DDBU organizes a 3-cushions World Cup and Danielsson is particularly impressed by the current venue: "This World Cup takes place in an exceptionally beautiful environment. The choice fell on the riding house at "Vaerket" in Randers. A building from 1887, originally the Dragonen barracks of King Christian X. The site is now used for large concerts and cultural events. The idea is to create a very special atmosphere in which sport, history and cultural life will meet. The house, built around the beginning of billiards history, is a very good platform to create that mood."

Apart from the competitions, there will be a few more events to raise the interest of the youth for this sport. On November 26th a pool billiards tournament for pupils and juniors of the city will take place in the foyer of the "Vaerket". The goal is to combine the game with the lessons from school. "Billiards has a lot to offer in terms of math, concentration and history," says event manager Mette Bertelsen from the city of Randers.

In addition, on November 27th, also in the foyer of the "Vaerket", the finals of a special Danish billiards discipline "Schuemacher" will take place. The preliminaries have been played throughout the city in recent months and now it comes to the showdown during the World Cup.
Furthermore there is also free access to the World Cup and the side-events on these first two tournament days. For the 28th to 30th of November tickets can be bought at

On November 30th another highlight will be on the agenda, because when the world-famous trickshot-specialist Florian "Venom" Kohler will show off his skills. Between the second semi-final and the final, the Frenchman will provide the best entertainment and prepare the stage for the two finalists.

Likewise, the DDBU is very proud to also welcome the most successful 3-cushions-player in the history of the sport, Raymond Ceulemans. In his active career, the Belgian has won more than 100 European Championships, World Championships and other international tournaments. Even today, now 82 years old, the legend of the sport is still to be found at the table and it is not uncommon for him to beat even the very best.


Facts about the 3-cushions World Cup 2019:
The World Championship will be held from November 26th to 30th in Randers, Denmark. 48 players from 22 nations will take part in the event. Among them are Dion Nelin, Jacob Haack Sérensen and local hero Thomas Andersen, three top Danish players.

Achievements of the DDBU at World Championships:
1978: Bronze for Peter Thögersen at the World Championships in Argentina.
1994: Bronze for Brian Knudsen at the World Championships in Aalborg, Denmark
2000: Silver for Tonny Carlsen at the World Championships in France.
2002: Silver for Dion Nelin at the World Championships in Randers, Denmark
2004 Bronze for Jacob Haack Sérensen at the World Championships in the Netherlands

In addition, Denmark won the Team World Championships in 1995 and 1996 in Viersen, Germany:
1995: Dion Nelin and Jacob Haack Sorensen
1996: Dion Nelin and Hans Laursen

Expectations for this year's World Cup are high in Denmark and they are hoping for a medal and that all three DDBU players will finish in the Top 24. In addition, this year there are no clear title favorites. Hot contenders are defending champion Dick Jaspers (Netherlands), Eddy Merckx (Belgium), Jae Ho Cho, Haeng Jik Kim and Myong Won Cho (all Korea). Maybe the German Martin Horn will manage a surprise?


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