CHO Jae Ho Champion of the Istambul World Cup/Gran Prix.

The brilliant South Korean player CHO Jae Ho proclaimed himself winner of the Istambul World Cup after beating the player CHOI Jung-Won by 40/40 (penaltyes 3/2) in 25 innings.

Eddy MERCKX , with 11 innings in the ¼ Matches  against KANG Dong Koong , obtained the best personal score of the tournament and the South Korean   player KIM Kyung-Roul  joined him on the winning podium.

The winner of the tournament had to win from  KIM Kyung-Roul in the semi-finals, from Spanish Daniel Sanchez,  from the Colombian  Carlos CAMPIÑO , and   from the Dutch player  Dick JASPERS  in the sixteenth-finals; three world champions to contest which he settled with the impressive scores of 25,15,13,26 and 14 innings, which means a general average of 2,150.

The players provided for a spectacular show in a World Cup that unfolded in a fantastic setting and which was followed by thousands of fans, both live and through the Kozoom platform.

The next event will be in Egipt , already in four weeks, where the LUXOR WORLD CUP THREE CUSHION  will be held between 23 to 29 March.

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