jaspers winner
Jaspers and Caudron share 2018’s big prizes.
poster hurghada
Eddy Merckx has the best year of his billiard life
podium seul
Merckx stops Kasi’s miracle run
jaspers win
Dick Jaspers is the ultimate Survivor.
martin win
Horn completes his return to the top.
la boule portada
La Baule completes the trilogy
jasper won
Jaspers wins his fourth in a thriller.
UMB Congress in Cairo Farouk Barki re-elected president until 2022 and Raymond Ceulemans acclaimed by the member of Honor of the UMB.
Myung Woo Cho has the keys to the future
IMG_20180920_174456 (002) PODIUM IZMIR
Klompenhouwer regains her throne

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