Note : On 25/12/2019 adjustments have been published in the sports calendar for 2020 and 2021.
Note: World Championship National Teams in Viersen (GER) invitation is published.
Published in this web the update of the regulations for the tournaments of three cushion.
Important : Antalya WC Invitation will be published on Monday 23rd December 2019
Continental Cup 2019-1202 winner

Asia win big, and Europe licks its wounds.

The eight players from Asia defeated their eight European opponents by an enormous margin: 600 – 451

New UMB 3-Cushion Events Rules Changes!
The UMB Board during its meeting last week in Sharm El Sheikh, decided to make changes for UMB 3-Cushion events Sports Rules
Marco Zanetti plays the tournament of his life
Egypt, nineteen events under the sun in this millennium
World Championship 2019-1378 blomdhal win
Blomdahl is the King of Denmark.
Silver medal to Vietnamese talent Duc Anh Chien Nguyen, The Egyptian star Sameh Sidhom and The Prince Semih Sayginer bronze medals.
jaspers lausanne win
Jaspers wins every other year in Lausanne.
Jaspers had already won Lausanne in 2015 and 2017, now he adds 2019.
marcador final
Dick Jaspers: victory, trophy, then up to the world's
Diane Wild : '' With even more new sponsors, the Lausanne Masters is heading for a new organization next year.

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