Frederic Caudrón became champion in Medellin after beating Torbjon Blomdhal in the finals with a score of 40-27 in 26 innings.

Caudrón reached the finals after winning from HOFMAN, HWANG, JASPERS and LEPPENS, who ended third in the final classification. Sub-champion Torbjon Blomdhal  played PIZA, LIZARAZO, CHOI  and KASIDOKOSTAS, who also took the third place.

The Colombian Federation did a great job in the organization of this World Cup, in this premiere for the new Federal Board, headed by President Felipe Jimenez. The audience was very involved, knowledgeable and even explosive at times, standing firmly by their players without forgetting to cheer and applaud the other players as well.

Medellin’s hospitality, its climate and its people ensured an impressive environment, so we are looking forward to Medellin 2014.

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