New UMB 3-Cushion Events Rules Changes!

The UMB Board during its meeting last week in Sharm El Sheikh, decided to make changes for UMB 3-Cushion events Sports Rules

Lausanne, December 17th 2019

New UMB 3-Cushion Events Rules Changes!

The UMB Board during its meeting last week in Sharm El Sheikh, decided to make changes for UMB 3-Cushion events Sports Rules. These changes are based on the requirements of TV stations and some suggestions of the players. All rules are published on UMB Website under UMB World / Tournament rules in the respective documents.

Below are the major changes:

World Championships 3C Individual, Under 22 & Ladies:

The playing schedule in groups of 3 participants will be:

1. Match: Player 2 vs. Player 3

2. Match: Player 1 vs. winner of first Match

3. Match: Player 1 vs. loser of first Match


World Championships 3C Individual, Under 22 & Ladies and World Cups:

Video replay will not be taken into consideration for any decisions during the match.

All Knock-Out matches will be played without equalizing innings.

All Knock-Out matches will be played with the following distances:

World Championship 3C Individual & World Cups (50 points)

World Championship Under 22 (35 points)

World Championship Ladies (30 points)


All World Championships & World Cups:

Time Limit:

Limit of 30 seconds (by preference in a count-down order) with a visual warning system at 20 seconds (if not available the referee will give a warning at the 20 second limit).

Clock starts after all balls stop and table is free for playing.

3 Time-Outs per 25, 30 & 35 points matches, 4 Time-Outs per 40 & 50 points matches, for each player; any remaining time-outs will automatically be applied (the player does not need to request a time out); the new total limit is then brought to 60 seconds. A time-out must be announced by the referee immediately after the point, and indicated clearly to players and spectators.

In case the total number of time-outs are used, Penalization-Signal (by preference sonic) after the 30 second limit and consequently the balls will be put up for the opponent.

Ongoing time will not be stopped with the use of a device (cue-extension, bridge, etc) or changing glove(s).


All players are permitted to wear advertisements “on person”. The left side of the chest is reserved for National Federation emblems only. Advertisements can be worn on the right chest-side of the vest, on the left and right upper arm of the shirt.

Each of these advertising spots is permitted to have a maximum total size of 80 square centimeters; it is permitted to wear more than one advertisement on right side of the chest on the condition that the total of the surface does not exceed and should fit inside a rectangle 90 square centemeters.

Left upper arm of the shirt is reserved for the advertisement “on person” of the organizer; this advertisement should not display any billiard material. If the organizer is not making use of this right the player will be allowed to use this free spot. The name of the player or of his/her country/federation can be put on the back of the shirt, vest or blouse. Advertisements with political, racial, ethnic and/or religious subjects are strictly forbidden. All advertisements must be of an appropriate nature.

Except for World Championships, National emblems and/or club emblems must be worn on the left side of the chest – in which case publicity will not be worn on this area.


One break of four minutes per match is applied after 15 points for matches of 25 & 30 points, after 20 points for matches of 35 & 40 points, and after 25 points for matches of 50 points - reached by one of both player.

Additionally in the event that a match will be broadcast live on television, the TV broadcasting company has the right to request 2 commercial breaks at any time during the match, each with a maximum of 90 seconds. Players must remain seated during the break. Breaks cannot be made during a player’s run.


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