A luxury podium in Seoul, Torbjorn BLOMDAHL (SE) - CHOI Sung-Won (KR )- Jean Paul DE BRUIJN( NL) - SEO Hyun Min (KOR) .

67nd World Championship in Seoul a sportive success.

CHOI Sung-Won (KR) was proclaimed World Champion after beating  Torbjorn  BLOMDAHL (SE)   40-37 in 20 innings in the finals. The bronze medals went to SEO Hyun Min (KOR)  and  Jean Paul DE BRUIJN( NL) . CHOI Sung-Won  takes the third place on the World Ranking classification behind Merckx, Blomdahl take the number 1. 

The World Championship of Seoul has fully met its expectations, the battle for the title was an intense and exciting one in which we witnessed great matches , During the qualification rounds all the "favorites" did win their group but it was Pedro Piedrabuena (USA) who surprised everybody with an average of 3,478 ! Four Korean players (out of the eight started) could qualify (amongst them SEO Hyun Min who was until today not known on the international scene but who performed to reach the ½ finals Other remarkable fact in the ⅛ finals was the defeat of current World Champion Fr. Caudron against Cho with 11 - 40 and Ruben Legazpi who did beat Heo with penalties (3 - 2). In the ¼ finals Seo, Choi, Blomdahl and De Bruijn did win in very disputed matches from Legazpi, Merckx, Cho and Tasdemir.

The World Championship has been played in a venue of the Olympic Stadium (Olympic Games of 1988). From the first matches on the whole event has been broadcast by two commercial broadcasting companies from Korea and live-streamed by Kozoom.

Knowing the interest that Korean people are having for our sport it will not be surprising that from the beginning the public interest was very high and during the last days the venue could not content all interested spectators.

This world championship will be on many people’s mind for a long time to come. Striking was the participation of the local players who already form a significant presence in the world ranking after a steady growth over the last few years.

Pending the closing event of the World Cup Series in Hurghada (Egypt), the World  Cup Ranking  number one is Frederic Caudrón, closely followed  by  Eddy Merckx and Dick Jaspers. The best score of the World Cup season, open for attempts to breaking it and winning the Molinari CHLK award, currently stands is CHO Jae Ho (KR) the Best Special Average (4.00) in Guri WC 2014, and CAUDRON Frederic (BE) the Highest Run (19) in Luxor WC 2014.

In close to two weeks, we will know the World Cup winner who will play Sung-Won CHOI  at the SUPERCUP, which will be contested during the Player of the Year gala in Antwerp next February.


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