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The fantastic Italian player Marco Zanetti was proclaimed Champion after beating Dong Koong Kang (KR) 40-23 in 17 innings in the finals. The bronze medals went to Javier Palazón (ES) and Hyung Bum Hwang (KR) .

The city of Hurghada, Egypt, closes the new World Cup edition with its acknowledged high-quality tournament organization in which 149 players from 21 different countries flocked to the Red Sea. Special mention goes to Mohsen FOUDA and Sameh SIDHOM, Egyptian players who managed to reach the final tournament these series around.

With the Hurghada World Cup, the 2014 World Cup series have come to an end. The final classification has consolidated the SUPERCUP event that will be held next February and in which the World Champion SUNG-WON CHOI will face off the World Cup ranking number one, the Belgian FREDERIC CAUDRON, who receives a bonus of EUR 2,500 from the UMB. The winner of the Supercup will be awarded a prize of EUR 5,000 and the runner-up will receive EUR 1,000.

Eddy MERCKX classified second in this ranking, followed by KANG Dong Koong on third. The current World Ranking shows Torbjörn Blomdhal, Frederic Caudrón, , Sung-Won Choi and Eddy Merckx  in the TOP 4.

The prizes for the World Cup series in 2015 granted by MOLINARI CHLK, consisting of two product blocks of EUR 2,500 each, were awarded to the largest series with 19 points by Frederic Caudrón and the best individual average in a 10-innings match with an average of 4.000 by CHO Jae Ho.

The close of the 2014 session also yields the TOP 32 which prompts the candidates for the Best Player of the Year and the TOP 50. These players will, together with the UMB affiliated federations and confederations, elect the Player of the Year who will receive the winner's wreath. The gala will be held in the Hilton Hotel of Anwerp and the voting will be done by prior invitation of the UMB through the portal. The Player of the Year will together with the prestigious title receive a prize of EUR 5,000.

Shortly, the exciting year 2015 will start and the UMB invites all sportsmen and officials to participate and promote matches of the highest sports quality that will up the sports bar and scores even higher than this year’s promoting our sport in all areas worldwide.

The UMB wishes you a Happy 2015!


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