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UMB Announces Three Events “10X4” OneCarom Virtual Challenge

24 Players from the World Ranking are selected to participate.



“10X4” OneCarom Virtual Challenge

24 Players from the World Ranking are selected to participate.

These players are placed in 6 groups (A to F) of 4 Players according to their position on the UMB World ranking, using the “Z-System”:

Group A: Jaspers Dick, NGUYEN Duc Anh Chien, CENET Lutfi, SRUONG Pheavy.

Group B: Blomdahl Torbjorn, BURY Jeremy, CHOI Sung-Won, KLOMPENHOUWER T.

Group C: MERCKX Eddy, HORN Martin, HEO Jung Han, MONTES Antonio.

Group D: TASDEMIR Tayfun, COKLU Murat Naci, FORTHOMME Roland, KIM Jun Tae.

Group E: SANCHEZ Daniel, SAYGINER Semih, NGUYEN Q. Nguyen, NGO Dinh Nai.



Each virtual event is played in 5 consecutive days and is composed of two groups of participants as follows:

  • First event: Groups A and F – From 12 to 16 October 2020
  • Second event: Groups B and E – From 26 to 30 October 2020
  • Third event: Groups C and D – From 9 to 13 November 2020

Playing System

Qualification Round: 3 days

  • Each player in the group plays a match of 30 innings from the break-shot, over three days, 10 innings per day.
  • Two players (two tables) from the group are displayed at the same time.
  • After each inning, the next two players from the group are alternatively displayed.
  • The score and run are kept per inning and accumulated to the final result after the 30 innings.

After 30 innings (over 3 days) the two players of each group with the best accumulated score will pass to the final round. The other two players are eliminated.

Final Round: 2 days

The 4 players will play matches of 20 innings from the break-shot over two days, 10 innings per day.

The final ranking is set according to their score, highest run(s).

Financial Compensation:

The financial compensation amounts to a fix allowance of € 1.000,00

for each event participants (8 players).

  • Extra for the winner: € 1.000,00
  • Extra for the runner-up: € 500,00
  • Extra for the highest run: € 500,00 (eventually shared in case equal results).

Demonstration Video Link:




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